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There isn’t a “specific look” for an African American. Look at Scarlet Johanson and her full lips as well as curvatious figure; she’s full white with no black or Hispanic in her.

Don’t discredit black people and their looks simply because you want someone on “your side”. Log in to Reply omg u r so so ignorant multiethic, I stay in Africa..please check the real Africa on youtube and you will see people who look exactly like her and even lighter, you get all shades in Africa from dark skin to very light skin and they are all pure africans. We’ve seen her parents she’s black theirs nothing to it.

That way all the butt hurt people who are sensitive about people not claiming even 1% of “blackness, won’t be offended. ) They come here and say, “x and y are not black” when they don’t even know what black is! Eva Longoria thought she would be more Native American than European.

Non black people get angry when BLACK people are attractive and proud of themselves. Log in to Reply there is a litle bit caucasian in her she reminds me of eritrean and ethopian people, who are living in germany next to me those are blacks but not as much like people in nigeria etc,.

because they were mixed up over the years Log in to Reply Ok.response is kinda ignorant.

Warning flags should have popped up when only after a month of casual dating, Kimberly Stewart decides to keep Benicio del Toro’s baby that he accidentally implanted in her.

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Sure, it could be a religious thing but it could also be she wanted to use the baby to trap Benicio in a relationship.You know, while his daughter is pushing he is singing "Do You Think I'm Sexy?