Cross dating dendro

29-Dec-2017 20:53

Gleichlufigkeit values are available within CDendro so you can build your own opinion of its usefulness.

You can turn on or off Gleichlufigkeit calculations in the panel "Options for normalization of ring widths and for matching".

Here is a citation from a paper by Douglas Keenan (see the section on Other sites): Another statistical method used in tree-ring matching relies on what I will call "g-scores" 1).

The g-score is the proportion (or percentage) of years in which the two trees ring widths increased or decreased together (i.e. This method thus ignores the size of the increase or decrease.

There you will find a description of "Normalization" as a way to prepare growth data to make finding the "right match" more successful.

First we will check the sample depth (number of rings per year) to find a suitable year interval for getting a properly cropped collection.

What it's all about: CDendro is intended to help you crossdate wood samples towards each other!

Some of the mathematics used for crossdating is outlined in the section "Dendrochronology, curve matching and mathematics".

In the pre-computer age, though, g-scores had one advantage: being easy to calculate.

They are still sometimes used, perhaps out of habit.Such calculations can be quickly done with modern computers.

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