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: Humayun’s garden-tomb is built on a monumental scale, grandeur of design and garden setting with no precedence in the Islamic world for a mausoleum.Here for the first time, important architectural innovations were made including creating a char-bagh – a garden setting inspired by the description of paradise in the Holy Quran.Integrity The inscribed property includes the Humayun’s tomb enclosure, which comprises the gateways, pavilions and attached structures pre-dating Humayun’s Tomb, such as the Barber’s Tomb, Nila Gumbad and its garden setting, Isa Khan’s garden tomb and other contemporary 16 century structures such as Bu Halima’s garden-tomb and Afsarwala garden-Tomb.All of these attributes fully convey the outstanding universal value of the property.Het belang van Humayun's graftombe in de evolutie van de Mogolse architectuur is enorm; het was de eerste in een lange reeks dynastieke graven.Humayun – de tweede Mogol keizer van India – reisde veel en nam ideeën over die werden toegepast door de architect van zijn graf.

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It inspired several major architectural innovations, culminating in the construction of the Taj Mahal.

The monumental scale, architectural treatment and garden setting are outstanding in Islamic garden-tombs.