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In a similar way, except in one big page instead of many small ones, Matthew Tiscareno and Brent Dalrymple present old-earth evidence while responding to a variety of young-earth claims; and, for a smaller range of questions, Chris Stassen; and a collection of small pages assembled, by Craig Rusbult, from the topics-pages below.

One response is to acknowledge the weakness of current young-earth science, but hope it will improve in the future and will become more satisfactory.

We cannot directly observe ancient history, but can we — by a logical analysis of historical evidence (in fields like astronomy, geology, paleontology, evolutionary biology, and archaeology) — reach reliable conclusions about what happened in the past, on the earth and in other parts of the universe? This section is now in its own page — HISTORICAL SCIENCE — which looks at criticisms and responses, and says that ""unofficially, most members of ASA think the essential foundation of historical science — the logical evaluation of evidence about the past — provides a reliable way to learn about the history of nature." Most scientists think there is overwhelming scientific evidence, from a wide variety of fields, proving (beyond any reasonable doubt) that the earth and universe are very old, with ages of approximately 4.55 and 13.7 billion years, respectively.

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• Tas Walker offers a 12-page series about Biblical Geology. • claims for young-earth evidence (from geology, radiometric dating, astronomy,...) by Russell Humphreys and Carl Wieland and Jonathan Sarfati.But the actual situation is not this simple, as you can see in THREE VIEWS OF CREATION.For all age-questions, "Is young-earth belief an essential part of Christian theology?/ The claims of RATE are also criticized by Stephen Meyers & Greg Neyman and others.

To help you learn quickly and well, here are some carefully selected resources: • explanations of the Big Bang Expansion: a brief overview and Cosmology 101 (a series from NASA) and Three Evidences (by Perry Phillips) and news FAQ tutorial (from Ned Wright).• Greg Neyman, from Answers in Creation, examines stratigraphy (science of geological layers) in the western United States, especially the Grand Canyon, and Earth History evaluates young-earth theories in the conclusion of a 5-part series about the Grand Canyon.

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