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You see, I have a unique perspective – I’ve not only dated hundreds of women (before I became happily married) but I’m a coach for both women and men. Suddenly, the editors were on the phone with a question: “Funny list, but what about a list for women? It’s not that I was above it; rather, I never even thought about it. You graduated summa cum laude from an Ivy League masters program? I think a lot of women reading your blog are concerned about more than just getting a 2nd date. And from the guys I’ve known, it seems that they care more about sexiness and lightness when it comes to deciding to have LTRs with women.… continue reading »

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Freedom Eyes – The Jailer The jailer used isolation, he said.. My Open Gate I’m sitting in my garden looking at my open gate It’s not locked, I just forgot But hey I’m now safe I’m able to walk in and out without looking over my shoulder Now that it’s finally over Sitting looking at my open gate May not mean much to anyone else But to me it’s everything It symbolises my freedom Freedom to choose Freedom to be me He locked me away A psychological prisoner The gate didn’t even need a lock Brainwashing was the key The key that kept me from being free From being me Then when he was gone I had to lock myself away to keep safe Still locked away emotionally Scared to open my gate It’s taken a while to be able to leave it open I thought I was broken But my zest for life has been awoken An open gate is beautiful, welcoming It lets good people in It opens me up to the world It lets the wind sweep in I can close it when I want to Or I can swing it open if I wish The choice is mine, every time!… continue reading »

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Hopefully, it gets resolved with more and more people trying this out …… continue reading »

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