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11-Oct-2017 06:06

"Tesla carries these steampunk guns that fire lightning bolts—I had to have one." Not even the sky-high voltage generated by a spark-gap tesla coil could deter him.

A tech writer by day, Flickenger designed the porcelain-and-tungsten switch at the heart of the system on a 3D printer.

Seeking Arrangement boasts 10 million members generous and beautiful.

It’s your friendly neighborhood trans person here to stop you from being “that guy” when it comes to chatting up trans cuties on your favorite dating apps.

Landwirth and Vidal matched on the same day Vidal downloaded the app.

He could have simply turned off the TV, of course, but where's the challenge in that?

Instead, he rerouted the broadcast signal from the cable box into his Enough Already device, where a code he wrote scanned the closed captioning for offending language."You could also flip it around," Richardson says, "to turn the TV on if there's something you do want to hear about."If you're going to take the time to build your own hovercraft, why not make it unique?Not to mention the fact that trans people are not just some amalgamous blob.