Guy friends while dating

20-Oct-2017 20:19

Don’t speak too often or every night with the same guy.

There’s a good chance all the long conversations may turn into flirty conversations or words of love.

The next time you have a conversation with him, remind him about how great a “friend” he is to you.

And at some point in the conversation, let him know that you’re so happy with him and you can’t ever think of changing this perfect friendship you have with him.

[Read: How to kiss a friend and get away with it] How to stay friends when he’s into you In most cases between friends of the opposite sex, the guy may initially behave like a good friend.

But as the relationship grows, he may try to woo you, flirt with you or even try to seduce you with touches and words.

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If all else fails, tell him straight that you have nothing more than just friends in your mind.

If you want to know how to be just friends with a guy who’s into you, use these tips. ] # Don’t give him too much attention You may have a great time around this guy friend of yours, but it’s easy for intentions to be mistaken.

Unless you want your friend to think you like him, don’t give him all your attention when other friends are around.

But if you ever do find yourself getting addicted to him or the other way around, try to have a few conversations with someone else for a few days.

In almost all cases, sharing too much special time with each other only leads to a closer relationship which may end in love.By focusing on other people and having conversations with other guys too, he’d be able to see that he’s not getting any special attention from you.

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