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“I feel like she was too powerful for ladies.” It was a stunning victory for Semenya, for the Moletjie Athletics Club, and for South Africa. (“The choice is that you lie, which we don’t like to do,” Nick Davies, the communications director, told the New York .) The story ripped around the world.

After the race, Semenya told reporters, “Oh, man, I don’t know what to say. Some even e-mailed the International Association of Athletics Federations, the worldwide governing body for track and field, with their doubts. Several of Semenya’s competitors in the race were incensed that she had been allowed to participate.

Primarily male hermaphrodites are not as well recognized only because few growers let their males reach a point of flowering where the pistillate would be expressed. First, they will release pollen and ruin a sinsemelia crop, pollinating themselves and all of the other females in the room.

Second, the resulting seeds are worthless, because hermaphrodite parents tend to pass on the tendency to their offspring.

It’s pretty good to win a gold medal and bring it home.” (Her voice is surprising. “I couldn’t believe it, man.”Since the day Semenya broke Zola Budd’s record, people in South Africa had been talking about her. Before Semenya was awarded her gold medal in Berlin, on August 20th, a reporter asked about a story that had been circulating at the Championships, that Semenya’s sex was unclear and that she had been required to undergo gender-verification testing before the race. “These kind of people should not run with us,” Elisa Cusma, of Italy, who came in sixth, said. She is a man.”“Just look at her,” Mariya Savinova, of Russia, who finished fifth, said. Her torso is like the chest plate on a suit of armor.

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“The most disadvantaged rural area,” Sako said, laughing a little and stretching his arms out wide.

Do everyone on this planet a favor and don't do hermies, just notice it, and then rip it out like you would a male... But if you are going to do it, manage it like a pro... And the hermie can pollinate you other plants, so it could create a seed crop. Sisco, I just read about DM's Reverse spray that is supposed to revert the flowers back to female. I would think if you only had the one plant and were counting on it to produce a little personal stash it may be worth trying. I concidered ripping everything out and starting over but did not and like I said everything is stable again.

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