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The associations of cyber dating abuse with sexual behavior and pregnancy risk behaviors suggest a need to integrate ARA education and harm reduction counseling into sexual health assessments in clinical settings.

This is the first clinic-based study of cyber dating abuse.

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A qualitative study of older adolescents, all with histories of abusive relationships, identified multiple ways in which technology was used to perpetrate abuse including monitoring or controlling the activities or whereabouts of a partner and being emotionally or verbally abusive to a partner.

(2016) The complementarity of luminescence dating methods illustrated on the Mousterian sequence of the Roc de Marsal: A series of reindeer-dominated, Quina Mousterian layers dated to MIS 3. Lahaye, C., Guérin, G., Boëda, E., Fontugne, M., Hatté, C., Frouin, M., Clemente-Conte, I., Quivira, M. (2014) Chronology of the Middle Palaeolithic open-air site of Combe Brune 2 (Dordogne, France): a multi luminescence dating approach – 52: 524-534.