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03-Feb-2018 11:08

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Being able to control a robotic hand this way could find a use in robotic surgery or for bomb-diffusing robots.Check out this Thai language tutorial that teaches you how to say some basic dating and relationship related words and phrases.It may also one day fine-tune our control of robots.ASL is a language all of its own, but few people outside the deaf community speak it.So even having a device that could just translate basic phrases would have a huge effect,” says Vishnuram.

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Seriously, Excuse you, if the deaf person was hearing, they’d hear your little tiff with your soon-to-be-ex, just like every other hearing person in the vicinity, in fact I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a few people are listening. If you’re a Sign Language Interpreter, for your sins, and you have some strange / weird / just plain stupid thing some random person has said to you about interpreting that I’ve missed, don’t keep it to yourself. You never know, as well as giving us all a good laugh, we might make a few people think.

For example, the ASL alphabet uses only one hand, but the British Sign Language version uses two.