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12-Oct-2017 00:06

The authorities have a habit of shutting social media in times of distress.

My boyfriend manages to Google translate a tweet in Czech and we finally learn of the attack.

The ferries leave the old city behind; the skyscrapers grow small, until they are as thin as minarets. But all we saw were a few sparks in the night sky from boats passing by, from houses tucked into the hills of Istanbul.

Apparently, the fireworks were cancelled for safety reasons.

After we’re done with war, we associate words with peace.

We say things like freedom, humanity, calm, tranquility, agreement.

I felt the impact of the explosions, a deep rumbling sound in my ears.

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If social media is any kind of barometer of sentiment, it seemed like the attack was designed to provoke a nation that was already deeply divided.

e were supposed to watch fireworks by the Bosphorus, closing out the year on the edge of Europe.