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This way all of you contacts will still receive texts from you as the sender and your devices will be synced.You can send an i Message from your i Phone or i Pad and they will all work together.In both situations it is key to not text using SMS (green texts), however if the i Message cannot be sent it will attempt to send using SMS by default.You can disable this feature while abroad to avoid charges.Luckily there are ways to use your i Phone abroad for free.

If you are out of your home country you have to have a Wi Fi connection to use Whats App for free. Learn more about How Whats App Can Save You Money While Traveling Face Time is 100% free to call anyone on an i Pad, i Pod touch, Mac, or i Phone.

Be sure to always turn off your data when using your i Phone overseas to be sure you don’t get billed for any unwanted charges.

Another great thing about i Message is you can use it with the i Pod touch and i Pad as well.

i Message is built right in to the messaging app so there is nothing you need to do to activate this feature. These will only be free (abroad) over wifi and only to other people with i Message.

This means you must be texting someone who uses an i Phone with i Message.The key is to be flexible and to realize you may not always have access to texting, calling, and the internet at all times when traveling but you can get them all for free.