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10-Jan-2018 14:19

But to his point, if a man cheated while you were dating, marriage vows are not going to magically make him stop.

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It doesn’t matter how amazing you are, if a person wants to cheat there is nothing you can do about it.But an immature man will simply look to someone new outside of the relationship in order to get his needs met…which is the “easy” way out…and a temporary fix.Even if he communicates his needs to you and you don’t acknowledge or address them, he still has no grounds to cheat even though he may try to convince you otherwise.However, if you’re the recent victim of a cheating man, don’t fall for the okie doke.

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It is never the victim’s fault no matter how he tries to spin it – and here are some reasons why. Sure, the reason he cheated may be because he’s not getting his emotional or physical needs met at home.While you should be your partners’ biggest cheerleader, all of his confidence and security shouldn’t come from you.

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