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and then i punch my fuckin window im so pissed off and then i throw the cell phone and my dad gets off of me.

After this fight my mom is trying to get me into counseling and all this bullshit that i don’t want so i finally get my phone back and i get my truck back and i get my laptop and my ps3 back and im good so i have 100 hours of community service that i have to do.

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Not one iota is remotely close to the truth that times change, and the more children you…

But Bruce is a former pastor, and many that attack him seem more…

Once in a great while someone sends me an email or a message on Facebook about a self-proclaimed ‘Good Christian Patriarch’ whose messages skew towards the bizarre.

then my mom tell me to come into my room and asks me (as she is tearing up) is there any more i can’t even believe that you would do this.

blah blah blah rite so i still have the cellphone and she keeps asking me who i got it from.Yesterday one of our writers – Mel of When Cows and Kids Collide – reminded us in a comment about a certain Quiverfull family we’ve written about in the past, the family of Susanna Musser from the blog Blessing of Verity.