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Josh voices some stereotypes that you might expect a guy like Josh to have — making the comments about how great it is that Shea can’t get pregnant and asking if you can get HIV by kissing. There are ignorant people out there who probably do talk that way behind closed doors, and I think it was important to showcase that as a teachable moment.Was it important to show the ignorance to get through to those who are uneducated? I feel like Shea was clinging to the fact that he might be a good guy and that’s why she endured some of the previous comments prior to the explosion, but I think that need for love is so strong that she kind of brushed off the comment about pregnancy and just chalked it up as stupid thing guys say.But I think it would be really awesome to see love in Shea’s life from a man and what that looks like. We need that blueprint of a trans woman being loved onscreen so that we can finally manifest that in the real world. I don’t think Josh is over either of you right now. (.) He is definitely a lost puppy who needs training.The season ended with Maura finding out she can’t have the gender reassignment surgery. That’s an important conversation too because I don’t think that our womanhood is reduced to our genitals.It’s something that has been going on for a very long time and it was nice to see, if even for a moment, when Josh is at Maura’s birthday party and he’s engaged with Shea and it’s out in the open.He’s asking Ali about her and flirting with her at the dinner table and hiding together when they play Sardines.I felt an immense responsibility to play it authentically and get it right.How does it feel to be a part of a groundbreaking TV moment for a trans character?

I had this thought that maybe Shea is the one to shake him straight.Or, maybe he has to deal with Shea moving on and meeting someone else and then her still being in Maura’s life and them having to interact and be friends.

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