Ranbir and ileana dating

11-Jul-2017 05:12

" she said in a recent interview to a fashion magazine.“There were days when I wanted to pretty much stop everything and leave.Despite their star status, some celebrities can't take their own decisions and depend on their families.Similarly, Ranbir Kapoor always confesses that he dicuss it with his family before making a decision and that his family is always suppotive of him and never disrespect his decisions.

After spending 11 years in the profession, Ileana’s goal now is to do different genre of films, “and push myself as much as possible as an actor.However, some reports are claiming that his family is currently pressuring Ranbir to get married.Veretan actress Neetu Singh, mother of Ranbir Kapoor is hunting for a beautiful wife for his son.I think I am at a stage where I want to take a risk even that amounts to failing”, she said. I have gotten opportunities because people think I am talented enough and not because anyone is doing me any favour.

I take a certain amount of pride in that,” she said, furthering, “Nobody can say how your career will shape. So as long as the going is good and the audience wants to see me, I have to make the right choice,” said Ileana.

When Ileana was asked this she said, “This is not the right occasion to talk about it.” Her friend’s name is Andrew who is a professional photographer.