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30-Jun-2017 09:32

Anyone been through this or know of anybody been through simliar? Have you tried contacting the talkback/media or your local member of parliament? I think it is a stupid system that needs to be changed.It is just wasting Centre links time cancelling all these payments. This sounds like what used to happen with the Job Network system that was in place during the Howard era in 2002 – 2007 , they treated people like shit just to get the management fee every time you signed in for your Job Club visit.I am now working 2-3 days a week and making just enough to keep my head above water around the same as newstart allowance so I am not going to go thru anymore of this stress of playing this childish game or waiting on hold to centrelink. ( I have his full name, his manager's and copies of my emails to him) Can I get copies of what he reported to centrelink to proove he lied to get a commission payment out of me?I would like to know what I can do about this person, he obviously has lied whilst I had the whole time done everything requested of me, declared everything I earned to centrelink and played by the rules. I am totally disgusted at the behaviour of this so called "job Recruitment" agency, in the 6 months or so I was registered with them they never assisted me in any way with job referrals, resume advice or any kind of help to getting back on my feet.They also did not offer toilet facilities by the way.I did what they asked of me, but I then began to start getting casual work.

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She also informed me that these employees receive monatary commissions for reporting a centrelink recipient has gone back to work, I would love to know how much they are getting.If you don't get any satisfaction from the Customer Complaints Line , then you can lodge a complaint with the Commonwealth Ombudsmen on 1300 362 072 As with the toilets , if there are public toilets located on the same floor as the Job network provider , then that would be deemed sufficient , but if there is no accessible toilets anywhere on the floor level and you need to go outside the building then that can be a problem and you should put that in along with your complaint.