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Pal- f lern* may be oh- -""^ lained from Betfv h'pr/i. ' 1^ Italian sportswear designers Jiave re-established the one-piece playsnit finished with short-cut trouser rpms fashion itcni an- svtxrs a readers query. They ihonld never strive to demiitistralc their power and authority over their fhildfitn's lives b- unfair and unjust exaclion tif blii Kl obedience in thing B which not im- poitant. and nieiilioned in ihh iaur-page «e*lioa will M™ R. BIONONU TWEEDIAJSA, tpring- flojiiering vinf which grows to 100 feet, i'eliow tingle, bluom* haw^ reddish tpring foiiage, Self-clinging, il tifieds a K'all or strong fenee for support. It spreads to BO feet, is a deciduous selj.clinger. Jul.— DOIX'S OVCKHLOUBB AND SKIKT FM^-la-^ollvn' inaktiiff pmtrn^tlonfl are given witti thla cut'Ou: l Ejidy-t D. They should that they thetimlyei gvt a good rxample^ J4S a little child leart^s more quickly from example than in any other way. Wkekly - Ncworfwi 9, I960 Page 39 National Library of Australia GARDEN CLIMBERS, continued: Colorful varieties for Soften hard tmlls and with their # Pictiiretl here are clim Lers fliiital]« for smali or large gardens. Overleaf are the details of their proper planting and care. Page i O P/i RTHENOai SSVS TRICVSPIDATE (Am- pelopsis trieolor), a member lif Ike vitua or grape family, grown only for its foliage^ which renembtes Virginia creeper. tl U the pe"'" who hns to endure tile repercuadoml. *"And," sayis our friend, "you'd lie surprised jtist how nmeh thnrn* samr curious bc- iiij^s rq;YOLIK (Jai Jy rouiiite, "Ynu may ihuil: the street n cli'^^ertt-d H'hrii you put out the gaiirj^r ur prwit a letter hue at night, but it's a hun- dr«I to one that 'Mrs. Both men are on busiaesf vi«i« — HO' io see the races. Here h aloafttess with so/t pows trod o pint nose, Patience that kf7fs. Who fffit vlll nach the maoit; Et Kh station's t Fyin^ madtf To gel a man (Asfj? With UNOi, teds, and whhei, To Martians and tko moan men Wv mast h9k ftrnrty s'lghu. Once s, finr Jieignorin I mansion, nnd Atill rcnio^'cd by the breadth of the Common from Broydcri'i morr com- rflertjal paths^ the Court was wi dely bi; Lic vt^d to .accept no inmatt: under the rant of re- tired Colonel. Thi^ i« a rjuiet butik, understated nnd somewhat Hal in lont. Wear Gi Gi and, magically, the many moods of Paris touch c Etuively about you. Fh^cal th«cie-up« brlni c Md news, witb vlti Ltitir met], jou ii Lftr emb*t)t an * KBcp-flt proyr Ara Dic^ of diet uid ex^^c Es Cr £f receptljr i Mkr brntk. Lac^y dlljrl, MOEidl T, Friday, ing tor ■ p J*c« on t tpatm tn Viin, loak:ui« lar i fflaiaor Job wfii^h ft Urftct Ji ■ uuut Mr gl rlv«U« ? in pwmintl re- lutl^iifhlps you cou Jd ftttrmcit tb« h LUntlon of UL ■.ppeftli Df LEO 'Ote Lion JULV tt-AVOVAt ±1 # Luc^ir Qumbs T Ih U week, 9. wblt A jrou w«rc looking foriv Hnl hftii^ l3«fn upse L tor ft new ireii- Lure- A goud iriibif tl lu ti cou Jd ^urn uti Buctdenlr. bncfcyfti:il- Sumple new hct LTlti BS frhacii Oftu bv ponnied ftt hcune. 'Tt'i about the moit civilued place in Broy^- don." Louiia had noticed that the bar began ta fill ccveral people recogi HAcd him. She wai wcarini^ a rather itrikins black sheath, bought iecondhand, via "The Time*" personal colunm. and her Aaming h^r fell naturally into the fashionable chryian- themum mop. * * * THOUGHTS on return front " October holiday: When I see a matermeton Sitting an a fruiterer's stall, Does its green and pink remind w Of lost sammers? Strange and rare the female m'"* * Suddenly my blood u Hll freeze. Br Ow Ti' aeimi the way cbnoscs juit thiir '-eronti to her Tar Hiii^ window. Lady Evelyn, who is the daughter of the Earl of Roihes. On view there are the ali-black cnlwj of Archer, winner of the first Melbourne Cup in [8GI — again in 1862. * *■ * , (yj P GAIETIKS will end on a romandc note with the wed- ding of Lleutrnant Robin Nelson, R. Sat capping ALL our irouhit, Ac EOfd'mg to the Preu, ti one terrific merf OCe Which cau SBi atl aur jtrcsi. bed and drcaui all nissht atauu T Ktdni7y run al Torc E buy Ji ^'^'^^ '"vei Ti niyht of tbi- we*"k whili? [ b.jvrn't hud ijme lo iiuiktr any t:rilrie.s ior d while, mi 1 ihitll rtuw wriic dbwn whu I has happc I . sen- I rn fi- ih.i 1 n ■ uli I J f ^mt- hntnr 1 1 1 Farinu in sui Ji a rajfc wi K In' from dt Kirbe U Huddirrdy mn^ I rri'pl downitiilnt^ ihliikin^ il v! 1 was 9£i du.nihfo HLiiir.1ird ihnt' T I juft »t O(jcl thei T-. (A jy^enuirif re- tirijd Admiral lei i Jic tone.) To bacilt a tablr (or dinner thf-r^ the local aspirajnt required reriain influcn Cf? The first hint of Gi Gi is a U lightness, fre&hnt^ — Paris in Springtime. In the next breath Gi Gi whispiirs of daring sophistication — and romaiicx is in the air. n yau Ln dcr Wmjr ct Jimectedl wl tb iii CAltb nu AEte rt. Any donieitlc mil Ahould guc- ♦ The Virgin 4 # I.ii£tr number Uilt ^eck, 3. ' ^ It mmy be UECraaarv bo jvudle it t Mople w Uh Eld flovu, imow- ^ inc wbcrii to miike BUfiutlon-i ^ or Lb Ctmiprc Hniir. For » motneint she felt uneasy^ alio glad the hadn't her toreador panti on; iftnre than oftce had an escort complained of heinif tnade to look conspicuous. "I dare lay tcmorrow every- one will be asking who I am! The contctt win be im^ fay a pauct inchidinei othen, an artist, ■ bws^ a busincugirl. Herbert Stetiens roses for "in/ormar; and a IM-year-old heir- loom rase displays tile lomly "foyer" Brrungement. JUDGES arc natoti ** tor ciaiminf igoonti of everyday matters. generation in which sucit h of fife a» washing-d BV wtra not geneci under.f^tood by men, I1le ^a Bhing-rtiachiht n Ol Only CHltnt Oti the p'o E Ktick, it brought men trtto the liun A Whirh rrininili roe, 1 knew a hiubaod vil fasemated by ihn machine, waa easily cow doing the washing as a regular jotx C d^- he laid camcjtly Lo hii wife; "IVc Iciro so niuch now thai 1 think, in caw you J sick, you should leach me bow id han; W * * * ALL of which: recalls a journey I tns tt! Totliiian ia said to be the fasttst horse in Au Mralaiia. He is a »on of Australia's leading sire, Star Kingdom (imp.), and the English mare Oce^n^. I don't ku$w whose It ii,'" *'But it wai in your pocket.^* '^Ves, hut it doevn't beli Ki S to any wottinn f know," , "It's Jwt a man'i bolder^' "Til le U yau then — it'i Als J'^ "AJ'i? He went straight to the market, There, following the old whaler's advice, he founil :i young iiegio of about his own age who was selling coffer — the differenl gradei had heen poured into rjulons of straw and the cartons placed on a wooden trestle. By evening he had sold over ,30 of the scarlet penguins, bul the white pengiiiti still sat in splendid bul unappreeiati^d glory on its throne of straw. A little liefore sunset, and about »n hour 'leforc the boy had tti return aboard, an old Jewish mercliant wallu^ slowly in(o the mar- ket. "Five hundred cscudos " The old man turned and Inoked at him; then he cnntinued to walk awsy. Tn'nii Ee TS are the te- :' adults «l tarnorrow, and nil 1(1 ftghi to have the world how want it. — Ctnnc Pii^y, Mrihuujnf, \ RUOGEST that Judith Tweddle should wash her w^atcr-iestijtant si-arf in dehydrated water-— Cffrof Head, New Touia, Tas. I am very grai L-lsil to all my friends who have helped me to go forward in life, and some day I wish tn repay dicm.— /ii(s Petroaij Rr Ubang. LEFT school iwo ye-jri ago when J obt Aincd my Lcaviug Cer- tificate, and liave working In a hank ever aincr. B 1 want to begin training as a nurse, hut my parents tliliik I should not resign from the Itailk i Lnd give up my t.\crlll."rit sa Lary, prospects, superannuation bcnc(it.s and also (eel that I may not like thi. f think th[it I euulf^ do well at nurvin^, but if 1 Irave home lo live at the hort- piial il will make my parents un- happy and lonely, as 1 am an only child, and they are fairly elderlv, and this mighl cause a rifi Ijctwt-e! I suppo Hf hr thou.|L;hx his "joir" wan finishi^d unrc t hud won Rud. iy he dldli'i rrsdly lonk a» if he was en^oyinfl himj Mdf. who knows Kaol Ui.- momtir fron, Rigel ih a friendly, now Allan, in upm b,.i«u»e lie i Wnk. Chm W^elkin and the shrriff arrivi- with an army tank m Mrae to «e* thf spacfc- ship departing, and ordrr the lank to follow il. PAKIS, Elegance is the keynote of this red-embroidered white lace Chanel dress I right) from Paris for cocktail parties, forma J dinners, or the theatre. ih B Eac Jtltifr G lann-oireut CLT^er Ffl» loll detii'l Ti el thlt ini**p*rii JW»! ri ELBOUIl HE Poge I — Tsetiagsrt' Wn Uy CONTEST WINNERS '^^^ PIERRE THE POODIE £10 PRIZE htes, or money order for the fee nf £10/10/. ADDRESSES OF CEm RES CANBiat BA: Anllu Hiy ITtir- ilcm anil Sana Ltd., Civie Oolre, (P1ea» tcle|^one S2SII lo conaoll arcliitecl ml tliifi ceiure.) BEUSBAME: M t W b i ricr's Lid™ TIm. (Trfe- pho Dc SOIZI.) Hli: Llt OL]LE: Tfae Myrr Enipuiiuim, Loniulale Strec L CEELONC: Tlie Sfvcr Em- (PIrasr Ictrpboae Xfilll In raiu Mit arrtllleel at Uliii John Miulln Lu L, Rundlc CTe Icpb ttne AOEI^IDE nnd Cd 5 I reet^ WOZOO.) UOBABT: Co. ^Iz Genld ami Colliiu Street- (ftoaw tr 27*21 M eonsnli anrhiieet at this cen ETc^ TOOWOOMBAi Plgott nod Cm. (Tele- pfaone Bmsu %mi.) NEXT 'WEEK'S HOME PLAN WILL BE IN COLOR. Ice cream you'll be proud to serve — ice cream the family will love. tii tii^ e^tabliihrncnti 3h« had Jntr eye on^ the found a man in charge; Louisa with true nobility lei il be assotned that her horrible vfiuei were of her Dwn Tdbric Ktion. ( Perhdpf thin|;s hadn't entirely chnnged at Bicydon Court,) "Thoug-h Tm afruid you'll find him," ihe added, Fa t her i nclisic d to Miy thin si he doesn't mpftn. Behind im- maculate gla M ^thc ran Re of spectacle frames, limlttid 10 Louisn^K day to gold^ silver^ and tortoiseshell — or hadn't even ftecl iti humble place? ivriitrn wilh j L;airt)' and humor, drscri Ucs theif tinging life from when ihey first arrived in Ainfrica as political rcftis^cs be for? Thfy landed penniless ill rhff Unitad Smn, but wnre isom on ihr road in thfir bus, "rolliii R" all nvrr the rauntr^ si™? Tnir loot theii holjbics with [hrm — paints, leathct-woric, and » naiurc collerlinn fnr t Jie ytmugc Jl, Jphannra, who ^\*sy find his si^hoo] 3e5*on-5 on whi^cl M. Npw Zealand, Australia, tvith a trip tn New Guinea, wbtfr some of i5)p W ith Joyea Ha Utead familv Iwitrr rrtumcd for missionary wi' sccins to radiate contnniment. f Amopg the many- contrasta between Lou Lsa'l w^lc iq Braydon sjid hit week at Bounicntoti th — ihc most inufkcd btrmg in the qual- ity of ihc food — wa* to be ihii^ that whcrraji itie wcalh^er -at Bc Eiinicn]woa coniiiten CLy find xe-markabiy Bar, iic Bfi^y- dmii i L wflj con Et Blendy and re- markably bad) The afternoori^ howe«ir, cleared iiuf Ticiently far Lrouua tq exercise Iv QF pnd Ivap on Lb? So iht parentheses wore awiy^ imtil at five o'clock Khe began to i^ei rcvidy, and at ux had her Bi§;ht B once more on Jimmy Brown.

riit All STBALIAs Wo MHs's We EHH - National Library of Australia new foaminit cleanser . n years ago on the night train tio Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, It was in the days of tlic "emerp Mn j^en blinds drawn to black out die ciicj I hey n.]shed through the Jungli; had biilfei \^^^^ Lo them from the shnis of terrtiriiu. ] U] like a ehamcier til a spy thriller, whnl tl mtijor introduced hims-ll and be^an ta t»l JJut what did lie talk about — for ihl* qtjarters of an hour flat? Now ihey have st:nl her to Baramul Stud, in the Widdsn Valley of N. Chit-ula is by Empyrcati (imp.), sccoitd on the lilt of winning aires In Australia with winners of £57,500. tu can't wash it off vfitli water — you can't clean it off with 6»«p alune. The trees were pbnted many years jsgo by die-hard con. woman, a glamorous, myiter- ious wonuui, a wotufin of puf A- lytie filiariii, the sort of woman every wcnmn dreams about and wakei icrtritinlng in the night.^' '*Vou know a woman likr that? The hoys quickly reached an agree- ment; and sioon in belwceo the cartons of coffee there ^ippeared a sprinkling of scarlet penguins. And at .^l O csctidos — about Right shilling.'; — a sale, trade was pleasantly brisk. In the bard nmlight the old matt's pengnin shone like polished ivory. On several more occasions the boy held out the white p^s^uin without mentiuning 3. But always the buyers preferred the crude red penguins carved hy the male — "so tiice »nd colorful," one ol the lady cus- tomers remarked. With many grants and sighs he bought Ctrilee from the negro and Eric could see his eyes keep niclceiing over the white penguin, "How much? "On* ihousaod e-scudoa" The boy spoke boldly and hatided the penguin over. "Four hundred e^cudos." The old man came slowly hack. ^Vfieii p^^ple get old the fightitijj spirit of youth sernia Ln 111- not so »lrthn B. Ariy Wiiy I wiis in n dream world all nigh;, Rodnry ts H^iiuply wyndfrfu L Monday niglii □nc L* agciiii I Nperii ihr uhule i^iemu^; id llunvridy Bliss. Thd hh ijtr Was ah^luldy divine, and the chui'o Li U-^ w^-rr ji Ihu- hirrly divine,, but Lhc world- faiiiotis VW' Irnin wa^in'^ jnnth. Cdv^l LA 9n4 FREE Bfl OCHURE[j f Tjmpnil ilrl-dreucd -mwolcpii id INTERNATIONAL MODEL ACADEMY BOX IIMS. Pij, lid,, Ruiliven Sinx U (Tdcphcme IT33,) Antli Dii T Hordeni and Smu Uil., Brirkfield Hiil. IT IS A SPECIALLY DE- SIGNED TWO- STORK Y DOME, Pl Jl NNED FOR TBE SMALL Sim Beautiful I . .a new Grosvemr Plate design This beautifuf new silveruyare pattern by Mytton's is a quiet and graceftjl design that Wends with any sotting. ( Acl Unilly, Ek^oinat a riwatch ot tweed o; b3.nd-wavcn liaen the bouton- nifficfl didn't Ipok so luid; the potentia J tii^-A OT carcanel hotjim w Uciy wrcii? Only one reiident waa viiible, and shc'an''iinci Ent daime play- intf p«ti«nct] i Lt a ba Jdlqg iiard table ' 'Ha Ven' t y tf u itill t the Admiral? — niirw displayed the latninated m B^'cry color, the dtamente and even the bamboo. It Vi^as almost li K* a htrad-icarve d , pi u mpish ie paclcct of livcrl H nnd ihree or four mtin liulc r Jinln wilh ¥*'13ow seats and chromium Icf^. Birown'a fiihli'd opk , Tjid ixeel rli Jia ftceni M^ dead indeed - , . "If I don't walk hark with you now, Wi because 1 do rather want to run ihrou^fh my part.'* said steady Jirnray Brown, In tht dr Tvc of Broydon Coii Pl. As a siii Bing group tfi L-^- have novi" di^h^l Tldcd. "Where jire you taking mrf" aikcd Louisa, "Not,^" said Jimmy, "to tbe Bon-flon." Havf ii ali tame back! * "Yc Bt but I'm nnl gu Lng to take you thete/^ repeated Jimmy, 'Ttn going to take you far a cocktail fast, and then dinner at the ITica t re Club/' He c Du Idn^t quite keep the pride out of bis voice; Loui^ from pag€ 75 looked witably impretsfd. practical, the sponges are kept in place with strin,! The crocodile has mink JIINK is so VERSATILE, In the latest Pxr U collec- lion K the Maisnn Dior has presented a couple of limply msri Tlloui (and diifereni) idca^ , . A xmall, round .^taring back over its moihcr'i diouldcr, fixing you with ta implacable, unflinching gaic? Chicoia retirpd from racing afti T the Vic- 'orin Racing Club's aulunin meetins at Hcmingrpn this ytat. Foitf T, qf Mcllxmme, (hen mid her fof £|0(Kt, turning down a handsome Ameri- can offt T bcciu M iht wanted the inary; to re- main in Australia. National Library of Australia PEOPLE AND PARTIES 1^ Hi ELBOVRJVE. Sone Ume* we've had fmall arciu Tttniiii, but as s Ooii a.i we're Separated 1 can^t wait to make it up,^^ "IVcll, this time it's a bigf fi;gbt and you don^t make jt up "But, Al, that would be wrong. find thai the cel- Uri were kept full of cham- pa^nr. Here's all you do: (1) Find your com- plexion above. Now you can choose the fashion-right costume colours to harmonise with both your complexion and lipstick shadra, (matching nail pohsh, too). Get Coty "24" — the lipstick that caresses your lips with vibrant colour that lasts and lasts and doesn't fade fast. 76 UMITED STOCKS OKLlf OF THIS EXCIfl N6 COMBINATION OFFEB! LIARD i By t For i M^lc heginniug IVovember 7 * - 1/^ ARIES Hie Ram Qjx^f cstit M for luve, D»Tr-blue, lit i Dtfrruptloni. 4i poatitily o H^Ia L OLhtrwlfi F, ail -ft mvitiitiab iq » weddw B or u fljcej Ei OB utclftl QCcanon will ctiue you to ptu vtui |,o wgfti. Londoner Frank Rir Jinnh says he hai been lerforiicd fw years by theae little Creatuiel jn the leai in front of hiin- .\b attempi on liis pari to make the serious little ihins laugh has only' succredeil «i briii^ini; a look of mild vn»- der mto the hip; eyes and 'fk' ing him feel foolish. Tony Prat- ten, Mon of Mr, aittl Afri* John Prattcn,, itf ""IFoffrflpe/^ Il'ft'*? A ^^ardtncr wilh a bov undef him, t™ nf Taofi in the ordinary way for gossip, mentioned to his friend the cheiniit not onlv vijnrrdei but pineries; and thoiiirh thii micht be a hark- ine-back to the najt. Thg* to find ihc whole f:*tab1iahment sllehlly \Attv wp^ io liouika ai orr cut oifl re^dy fo mahc. croflfl'Currtml A, Allele to TO Kr Qiirn Idem ml Dcil L «r you will Bccoinpllih no Uiinr. ^ LIBRA The Bal Hitce BCTTEMREK Xf-Ut^TDQER S3 ir Luc-ky nuttibfr ititf ireeic, i, ijin Jo' cut&r ftir Lov? If parents are irritable nr i-onstantly Tindin K fault n child ii almcj At ^ure to be dis' iibedifiti. Others are best suited to the warmer dislriels, others to cooler are SB. LEA THOMASIl form, a natu- ral archway at mrner of house in ihi* floieer-ft Ued garden, at Haynietc, N,$. Bougainviltf^n need* a ivarm climate and aunny position to bloam well in spring and sxtmmer; nl^Q strong tupport, *are teveral varieties, all in briltianl colors. A lar^gc variety of styles for Men and Boys in ""Velnit", also in the ht-'avier weight "Fleecy Vcinil". Good silver stays good forever with Goddards Silver Dip Tukci only '9B-c:o»4i ro baiiith i Cub Lmrn slain E and lamish even froni bcl W'Ccn fork pmng B. Jiilvrr Dip's in Nlant rlr Aninj; Jif Uon » not sib TRMYr .

i « anting tii -ititv up, ihrcalrti lo ret 111 fi the «'i ici i. M ihildn-n v Iitji iii until 8 or R.3fl, allf UMll^^ nil' to li;i\t' . /l/- tn "Mother ef Two" (nanii mpplied), ramalta, N. / futnri- ahly bi: diitobedient and dif E- ciitl al lioin E- "Unfair and unjust" Ll pjircnt^ are lo bi: a ror- Struc Eive in Hnencc in the hve^ tif rheir children, they mitet try Uf ^arf- ijir chfld N joys isnd help him in his difficid- ties and Ity » sec vii Jrt'- poii K. Although soft and absorbent, "Velnit" tj cxtreme Jy strong and durabk- becattse of the Interlock .method of kritting which gives elasti L'ity. In defence, he now with hi* youug son, who excej* at pulling faces. Aahin't Without," Scone, Hoping far a Chicat€B • Mrt. md his bride^ formerly Ji U Markby, Thrr wtre pictured Barry Patt«n (tfft), Mnry Jani* Praiiea^ and jf To Hvrfirl D^bra Pralten, arriving at ih^ receptio-n at Ciro't after their m*ddinf at St. 1960 National Library of Australia BONDS Australia's Greatest Name in Cotton Dri -do TOWELS I X i ' J ^ lit NUMBER FIVE FROM OUR DAZZLINC NEWLY DESIGNED SERIES See sizzling Mexicana stripes in shop windows all over Australia this week! Hot, zesty colours as tangy as tamales, bright as chillies enliven our 'Mexicana Stripes'! nicy spoil *5 whoic effwt of iht »«W a d,lfe Tccc if Mrs, ^vm hud vivid new '^Inmbo Slripet' |o "Jet her plain blue til«' Brtme your n«l tca-party trert vuu,si-! the exotif odor of pinrnin Dle undoubtedly irteniated . "Ml CHKLt."' — Pretty Eumm-cr separates in go^od quality drip-dry poplin. Should jwr iif«mii4 d^AFHL JLhti W « t Ulk sf efi- L&iul Rim tor w Tt«ln cpf rour prgjecti, drop the subject but wort st EJid U; towardi f«ir goml.