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Slowly I felt a huge orgasm build up, as I rubbed my clit even harder. My hand and fingers were drenched in my pussy juices.I felt it coming from my toes, my legs heavy shaking, cumming harder than ever before.I was dripping wet, pussy juices flowing out me on the couch below, eyes fixated on the screen.I reached down and touched between my legs…Slowly I put my finger in my pussy while rubbing my thumb against my clit, and letting out a quiet moan of joy.I came home one day, and in the kitchen was my mom with her longtime friend (I’ll call her Michelle).I picked up their conversation, and they were talking about how she and her husband were looking for a new babysitter.

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I started chatting with a girlfriend of mine, and jokingly she sended me links for porn bloopers.

I looked at the clock and noticed that I still had about 3 hours before Michelle and her husband came back.

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